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"... it went viral!"
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made easy.

are endless.


ABOUT US - Originally an IT consultancy focused on solving business problems at the corporate 'end-of-town', we felt that the business solutions we were creating with such cutting edge technologies had a place within the small to medium business community. 


The sad reality however, is that these 'technologies' are often out of reach of the small business community due to implementation and maintenance costs.  In addition business owners have enough things to worry about such as staffing issues, stock management etc... and the last thing they wanted to spend their time on was technology - FAIR ENOUGH!


With a company philosophy of 'technology should never drive the business', Information Miner aims to make cutting edge technology available to the masses.  Being objective focused, ie. focusing on YOUR BUSINESS OBJECTIVES, Information Miner aims to assist you achieve your goals whether it be:

  • Increasing Cash Flow;

  • Increasing Customer Traffice;

  • Improving communications with the community; or

  • Fundraising,

with cutting edge Targeted Marketing techniques via SMS/Txt Messaging, Voting, E-Mail communications, Information Analysis etc. but with one simple twist.  We do it for you.


Leaving you to focus on your business NOT technology.

No Computers, No Hassles, No Worries.  We do EVERYTHING for you.
Information Miner - Making Complex Simple
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