"... people coming in within minutes ..."

"... it went viral!"
"... democracy in action!"

made easy.

are endless.


FOOD & BEVERAGE - Its about increasing the customer's average spend and Information Miner's strategies, techniques and mechanism will help you do just that.  Increasing customer traffic and building customer relationships are the primary objectives with intelligent targeted marketing campaigns tailored to suit your business.


Know Your Customers I Trust You! Up-Sell Go Viral
"... I love your deals!  How do you always know what I like?!  ... "

"Its amazing, I now actually know exactly what my customers like and can not only plan accordingly with appropriate combo deals but can also tailor my marketing campaigns to suit them.   "

Elderly Customer
"... Can you just give me the SMS deal on my phone.  I didn't bring my glasses and can't read it!  ..."

"We were initially concerned about the impact of our increase in coffee prices, but the buzz created by our targeted marketing campaigns which led to our improved relationship with our customers has made the price increase a mute point!  Unbelievable!"

"when they come in for a coffee, they often buy other stuff as well..."
"... we built a ViP customer database almost overnight!  Our 1st welcome SMS Coupon deal got a 71% response rate and increased our ViP sign-ups by 30% in 2 days!  Its funny, but customers were talking amongst themselves and didn't want to miss out by not becoming a ViP.  We created a viral buzz! ..."
Customers' Favourite Beverage Customers' Favourite Snacks
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