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"... people coming in within minutes ..."

"... it went viral!"
"... democracy in action!"

made easy.

are endless.

Its all about helping you reach your business objectives.  Whether you are a:

  • Retailer – trying to increase cash flow;

  • Coffee Shop – trying to increase customer traffic;

  • School – trying to better communicate with your students or community; or even a

  • Non-Profit Organisation - trying to raise funds,

Information Miner has taken technology that was once costly and inaccessible to the general business community and matched it to unique strategies, techniques and tools to help you reach out to your target audience with cutting edge Targeted Marketing techniques via SMS/Txt Messaging, Voting, E-Mail communications, Information Analysis etc. but with one simple twist.  We do it for you.


Leaving you to focus on your business NOT technology.


No Computers, No Hassles, No Worries.  We do EVERYTHING for you.
Information Miner - Making Complex Simple
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